31 August 2011


Original sign for The Alphabet Museum,
created by Dr David Diringer in his back
garden at 50 St. Barnabas Road, Cambridge.
It was opened in 1959.

"If you knock at the right house in the right
street, go down the hallway, through the kitchen,
and out to the bottom of the narrow, infertile-
looking garden at the back, you will come to the
Alphabet Museum. Perhaps it is the smallest
museum in the world. It consists of a garden
shed, extended backwards about 12 ft. On June
8, Mr. I. J. Pitman, M.P. for Bath, will come and
open it officially--and the opening ceremony will
have to be repeated in shifts for three days, so that
everyone can be fitted into the tiny room."
--Manchester Guardian, 30 May 1959

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