28 February 2010


textoftheday is pleased to announce its first residency

For 21 days from March 1 guest artists Chris Funkhouser & Zsuzsa Mitro will create a sequence of postings, serializing a collaboratively written poem in daily installments, superimposed with a found image.

Chris Funkhouser is a multimedia artist, author of Prehistoric Digital Poetry: An Archaeology of Forms, 1959-1995, and Director of the program of Communication and Media at New Jersey Institute of Technology (http:web.njit.edu/~funkhous). He is currently authoring “You are, therefore I am” as daily postings on twitter (http://www.twitter.com/ctfunkhouser). Zsuzsa Mitro is a Hungarian linguist, translator & writer at large with master's degrees in English Literature from the university of Budapest & Dartmouth college.

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